• Monday, 12 August, 2019 02:34:PM

    Whenever BS Yeddyurappa has been elected as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, he has never been able to complete his tenure. Something or the other would create a hindrance in his path. Hence, this time, he took the advice of his trusted astrologer, and has removed “D” from his name. He is about to complete two weeks as a CM, but he hasn’t been able to compose his own cabinet yet. He has been advised to do so only after consulting Amit Shah. Both were likely to have a meeting last  Monday, but it didn’t happen due to shah keeping busy in Kashmir issues; hence, it was slated for the Wednesday. Unfortunately, on Tuesday night Sushma Swaraj took her last breath. Hence, Wednesday meeting too got cancelled. However, Yeddyurappa asked for some time from PM Modi, met him and left for the Bengaluru. Now, he is waiting for the call from Shah’s office.



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