• Monday, 12 August, 2019 02:34:PM

    Since the elections in Delhi is around the corner, the tensions are concentrating on the question of who will be the new Bhagwa leader. The choice is getting tossed between two names: Manoj Tiwari and Vijay Goel. Recently, while addressing a workshop in the parliament, PM Modi appreciated Vijay Goel and went onto mention, “Vijay Goel ji does a lot of innovative works, and the new members must learn from him.” While we are thinking that Goel’s side looks heavier; we can’t ignore that fact that Manoj Tiwari seems to be the winning horse in the race for achieving CM position in Delhi. He is the favourite of Amit Shah. Now, the possible tug of war for positioning someone for Delhi CM, could be between Tiwari and Goel. Let’s wait and watch who wins.


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