• Monday, 12 August, 2019 02:34:PM

    Bhubaneswar Kalita’s sudden decision of putting down the papers has created a havoc in the Congress party. He was one of the chief whips of the party. The night before resigning, he had a discussion with the party about the next day’s plan in the Rajya Sabha. He had informed his bosses that he has sent a notice to put a stay order on the ‘prashnakaal’ so that the Kashmir issues can be discussed. But when next day Venkaiah Naidu announced his resignation, the party workers were shocked to hear about this. Now, he has joined BJP. BJP seems to be happy about it as it feels that Kalita could prove to be beneficial for works in Assam. He has been there in a prime position in Assam for about 10 years, and has also served as the chief whip of Congress in Rajya Sabha, for 2 years.



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