• Tuesday, 29 October, 2019 04:38:PM

    This sentence is taking round after election results. In Haryana, the party was less then the majority and no party was ready to support through some independent candidates were ready to support but that was not enough. HM dashed from the tour and managed JJP to support. Likewise in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena is asking for CM position on an equal platform. They also add that first two and half year CM position should be from SHIV SENA. BJP to take over in later part. So far BJP not able to agree to the terms, they are ready to give Deputy CM position to SS but not CM. In the meantime possibilities to form govt with support of NCP is also being explored minus SS. Sources say, if it happens, SS will have to sit in opposition or to explore possibilities to form the government with some other parties. Fingers are crossed and HM to take lead to reach some amicable solution?


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