• Monday, 04 November, 2019 12:20:AM

    Maharashtra yet to get government. The BJP, Shiv Sena so far not able to decide common formula, other parties are watching the situation carefully. Haryana and Maharashtra election results and voters decisions on by-elections, sources say indicates that after 2019 elections the water has flown under Yamuna river bridge. The mood started changing and if not hint is taken by leaders, BJP likely to slip from present popularity. Taking advantages of the situation other parties aligned with BJP started raising their demands. After election as President of JD(U), Nitish Kumar, changed his voice and his confident Tyagi demanded inclusion in the cabinet on proportionally. Anti-incumbency and the general condition of governance, JD(U)is not so confident. BJP already declared to contest next election under the leadership of Mr Nitish Ji. If 3-4 MP are adjusted, JD(U) will be comfortable?


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