• Monday, 18 November, 2019 10:49:AM

     Winter sessions of Parliament from 18th November will last up to 13 to December 2019. All party meeting was called to run the Parliament smoothly and due care is taken to pass all the government bills. Sources say these sessions probably will see Maharashtra issue on top. The government will have to see this is approved in both the house. Everyone expects that in Loksabha bill will be passed easily but government likely to face rough weather in Rajya Sabha but later it will see the light of the day and most likely Congress may abstain from voting. It is expected that the government will try to get all old and pending bills passed in Rajya sabha. Sources say the only problematic bill would be 2017 finance bill on which court has raised some objections mainly appointment of more than 20 heads in independent tribunals taking into under cover of finance bill. The matter has been forwarded to a bigger bench of eleven judges. Sources say it will be interesting to see the outcome because in the past also appointments made under this provision so very stiff opposition is not likely to figure on the floor. The small session hopefully will be very lively.


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