• Monday, 25 November, 2019 10:15:AM

    BJP has taken many steps against set patterns to show that this party is different from other parties. Selection of Raghuvar Das, a non-Adivasi as CM in Jharkhand, selection of Mr Khattar in Haryana, a  non- Jat leader in Jat dominant state and Devendra Fadnavis as CM of Maharashtra, Maratha dominant area has backfired and state election results clearly indicate that Adivasi, Maratha and Jat have not backed the party. Jharkhand to go for elections and BJP not having any prominent political leader to make Adivasi return back to BJP.  Babulal Marandi only helps but present CM not happy with the importance being given to him. Sources say it will be interesting to see how BJP will play cards to retain power?


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