• Monday, 25 November, 2019 10:15:AM

    Maharashtra got new CM and Deputy CM but with all drama which will be referred to in the political gallery for long. Sources say Sharad Pawar also tried to be part of the central government instead of one cabinet berth for his daughter and one berth as State Minister. Sources say that time the terms forwarded to join NDA by NCP was not agreed by BJP leadership. BJP was of opinion that SS is the partner of last 30 years and it is not possible to come out from coalition or send SS out from NDA, on-demand of NCP to disassociate from SS. This time, sources say planning was done long back and SS was made to ask for 50:50 and later CM position on line of JD(U) in Bihar. SS disassociated from NDA and later faction of NCP supported BJP to form the government. Sources say it is difficult to understand the moves of Sharad Pawar?


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