• Monday, 06 January, 2020 01:16:AM

    Chief Minister of Karnataka is now a ruling state with a sufficient number of MLA’s. Captured 12 seats out of 15 in by-election has given him more confidence and he expected to have pat from central leadership but actually not happened disturbed  Yediyurappa. The difference was more evident when PM attended the Science Congress at Bengaluru. Both were on Dias but not seen eye to eye, body language was also very different. Though  Yediyurappa arranged a big crowd at Sidhganga at Tumkur. PM addressed the gathering and targeted all opposing CAA and NCR. The CM is under pressure from winning MLA’s to have ministership as promised earlier when they were taken to BJP from JD(S) and Congress party. Sources say High command is not allowed so far for expansion of state cabinet. If this continues CM will have tough days ahead, sources say?


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