• Monday, 13 January, 2020 12:33:AM

    The problem in JNU is not going to stop, one after another and now attack the campus by so-called outsiders wearing masks. The protest is not now limited to country, support is coming from well-reputed renowned universities around the globe. Sources say these protests have not been taken by PM very lightly, who is very sensitive to his image and image of the country. Mishandling of the entire matter is taking round in the top circle. Secretary of HRD has already been shifted, VC is also on target but the most important name taking round is of Minister of HRD. It’s well known that VC and Minister are having proximity with RSS and sources say some quarter of RSS says that when all decisions of the ministry are taken by someone else other than minister than why he is being blamed for wrongdoing at JNU. Coming days will see some more decisions affecting the normal process of decisions making, sources say?


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