• Monday, 03 February, 2020 12:44:AM

    Nitish Kumar was one time fully dependent on Prashant Kumar. Sources say Prashant Kumar was working for 2024. The planning was to project  Nitish ji as a common and agreed leader of the opposition to lead the combined non-BJP combination. Nitish was also agreeable but in the meantime some differences in participation in the 2019 Midi government precipitated, PK wanted to have at least cabinet position, whereas the probable leader of JD( U) aspired to be inducted not liked the decision and started opposing PK. Sources say Nitish Kumar was told that PK is trying to build his image and likely to become a challenger in time to come. Sources say probably CM of Bihar got the hint and some policy difference started between two. Pawan, a staunch supporter in the party of PK also got some harsh treatment from the party and most likely days are counted for both?


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