• Monday, 03 February, 2020 12:44:AM

    Delhi elections are the first challenge to newly elected President of BJP. He is trying his best to show his worth but in the meantime, different groups in state party also started raising their heads. After a humiliating defeat in Chattisgarh elections Raman Singh, Ex-CM was keeping low but CAA has given him a chance of coming back. Sources say, with all vigor and force he started his campaign in favor of CAA whereas the other group under Aggarwal did not support his cause. The difference between the two leaders started telling upon the performance of the party. Sources say, Nadda, who was in-charge of state for long four years and having a very good rapport with all state leaders seems puzzled and the litmus test of his leadership will be judged with the steps he initiates to resolve the situation amicably, sources say?


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