• Monday, 16 March, 2020 11:26:AM

    Still, the Congress party has not come up with stigma and looks that not taking decisions after careful consideration of all related matters. Sources say miscalculation for Rajya Sabha seat has resulted in the loss of one Congress has given the commitment to support one CPI(M) for unopposed election in lieu of support extended by CPI(M) to Manu Singhvi. Probably with this Mayor of Kolkata, Vikash will be seen in the upper house soon and this will add one seat to the existing strength of CPI(M). Congress party was hopeful that Bihar RJD will extend their support to Congress candidate from Bihar but RJD has refused to extend support blaming that no such agreement is with Congress because Congress party only rejected the agreement long ago. Sources say this is seen as a loss to Congress party and poor vision?


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