• Monday, 23 March, 2020 12:35:AM

    More than 200 affected people of Corona Virus are today in the country. Government has taken many steps including closure of market, hall, malls and now passenger trains are also cancelled.Some state government also lockdown few cities to protect their citizens. Country is going on in the second phase and as said in many studies likely to go for third stage, very crucial stage and if it is not stopped, the affect will be much dangerous. Citizens of country has already gone for Janta Curfew as asked by beloved PM to curtail human touch between people amongst themselves.As said the Virus get transferred by human contact and Janta Curfew likely to break the chain. Sources say apart from all this and five minutes chanting, clapping etc the country wants solid medical facilities to treat the affected people and a system to treat people having light symptoms in the beginning including putting them in isolation. The example and conditions of China, Italy, Iran, Spain, USA and Britain are available after breakdown of the Virus. These all are developed countries and having more strong facilities, sources say this is the time for introspection and put ourselves also equally equipped to tackle this epidemic.


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