• Monday, 23 March, 2020 12:35:AM

    Corona has been declared pandemic by WHO. Delhi government has also declared epidemic. Sources say almost many countries have come to standstill probably many countries will opt for quarantine to contain spreading of virus because number of cases are increasing day by day and death toll is also on rise. Italy has reported more deaths than China. Iran and some other European countries are also badly affected.Delhi government has declared closure of all places. Railways also cancelled its operations, prohibition of all transport means and no social gathering even in worship places. In 2009 also pandemic was declared due to Swine flu. The public health program of the countries are under great stress and to meet the challenge huge budget has been provided by many governments, this allocation will definitely disturb other programs of government. Shares world over gone down, the economy which was under great stress will further be affected, the growth rate likely to go extremely down. The lockdown badly affects the economy and to come out will be a Herculean task for all the governments. The lockdown of 6 crores citizen of Italy probably must have broken the basic economy of the country. Sources say India is also likely to face similar situation and lockdown will adversely affect the economy and growth rate. The Indian government under leadership of dynamic PM has already started precautionary steps to slow down the affects but cooperation from countrymen also required to win over the situation soon.


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