• Monday, 23 March, 2020 12:35:AM

    Change of party by Sindhiya has affected government of  Kamalnath and he resigned as CM of Madhya Pradesh. Being senior leader and MP, Kamalnath was having 1, Tughlakabad Road bungalow. After resigning from LokSabha, though tried to get this bungalow allotted in the name of first time elected MP, his son Nakulnath but being first time MP could not manage. With great difficulty and influence he managed to retain the spacious bungalow in the name of MP government. Sources say after his resignation it will be difficult to retain this bungalow.Sindhiya, who lost the parliament election, had to vacate 27 Safdarjung Road bungalow inspite of his best effort to retain the bungalow, occupied by his family since 1985. His father was  allotted the bungalow and Jyotiraditya Sindhiya spent his childhood playing on the lawns. He shifted to one rented small house in South Delhi but after becoming Member of Rajya Sabha definitely would like to come back to Lutyen zone. Sources say he will try to have the same bungalow which meets the status of Maharajah but unfortunately bungalow is occupied by minister of HRD and chances for getting it vacated from him is difficult?.


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