• Monday, 11 May, 2020 12:52:AM

    All government machinery is engaged in counting deaths due to the Covid-19 pandemic but no one is concerned about deaths of people not positive of COVID - 19. A survey, recently conducted by one NGO, after the sad accidental death of 16 migrant labourers, in its report, sources say, revealed very surprising facts, which is an eye-opener also. Lockdown has definitely reduced the traffic on roads and highways but still, accidents are there, may not be in that large number but in good numbers and surprisingly 30% of these accidents are of migrant workers going home by foot due to unavailability of transport. One case of death of the couple going on the cycle has also been highlighted where children are seriously injured. Whatever going on the media on behalf of the government the field realities are just something else. Sources say people with other patients suffering from diseases also require medical attention.


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