• Monday, 11 May, 2020 12:52:AM

    The spread of COVID 19 has changed the mind of most of big manufacturing companies in the USA, Europe, Japan, and some other countries. The government of India has already started its moves to convince these manufacturing giants to establish their factories in India. Sources say state governments have also been sounded by the center to prepare a road map to accept offers. The offer to these companies that India is a second-largest market after China and if the products are manufactured here a large quantity will be consumed here only. China in the past offered cheap labour and the offer of the large consumption of products resulted in becoming a manufacturing hub of the world. In general labor in the country is also not much and the local market is very large. These arguments are in favor but most companies, sources say, are not comfortable with the red tapes, labour policy, electric Tarif, land policy, tax policy, and environmental policy of the country. Probably with these reasons firms are going to Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand, where no questions are asked other than, how much the investment will be and the employment possibilities. Sources say this is high time to reconsider the frame of rule structure and tackle the labour wing of the party, not in favor to offer cheap labour to manufacturers for a better future of the country.


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