• Monday, 18 May, 2020 11:35:AM

    After lockdown, almost all the factories stopped functioning and continuance of lockdown resulted in severe problems to manage the day to day affairs by migrant workers, staying thousands of kilometer away from home town. Sources say they tried to stay back on the assurance of government that they will be taken care of but ground realities likely to be different from projected one, now the workers wanted to go back. Railways announced that per day they are ready to run 300 trains per day and not charging any fare from workers wanted to come back. Only 15% is collected from each passenger by the state government. A rough estimate predicts that approximately 8 crore workers are to be transported and with this average considering capacity of 1200 passengers with all social distance measures per train, it will take approximately 182 days and 66,666 trains to complete the task. Railways say with food and water etc on travel, it costs roughly Rs. 6, 000 to Rs. 8,000 per passengers and say, sources add that to run one train the cost comes to 50 lakhs, whereas the government has provided only one lakh crore to railways to run trains. Though the herculean task already started when will it end to see? 


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