• Monday, 18 May, 2020 11:36:AM

    In a survey, after lockdown, the popularity of CM Bihar has taken a dip. The delay in managing migrant affairs and the return of students cost a lot to the JD ( U). Sources say the survey predicts that in the coming election the party likely to get only 20 seats if contests alone and if contests with BJP, chances of winning by JD(U) likely to be not more than 40%where as BJP stand chance of 70%to 72%.With this latest survey demand of JD(U) to have 10-15 seats more than BJP not likely to be agreed by BJP. Sources say if at all considering seniority and other factors BJP agrees to give more seats, limited to 5/10 seats, the power to elect the leader of state legislatures likely to be deferred on the basis that newly-elected MLAs to elect a leader. Sources say in both ways JD(U) likely to lose grip?


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