• Monday, 22 June, 2020 12:27:PM

    During the last 6 years, PM met more than 15 times at different places and on different occasions with the President of China. Sources say probably this gesture has been taken as weakness and leadership of China thought that India will also follow the way as Pakistan is doing. History says that India never preferred China over Russia. Russia always remained a very strong supporter of India in all thick and thin. After liberalization move, India came close to the USA. China considers India as a big market, sources say tried to keep in the pocket but everything changed after the grand reception of President of USA in the country, the success of ‘Namaste Trumps’. China though noticed earlier also that leaderships of India never met Chinese leaders ahead of meeting with USA leaders, this was never digested by the government of China and to give a lesson to India started skirmishes which later resulted in Galwan valley fight. The government stands that Corona started from China also played an important role in the current stand of China?


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