• Monday, 29 June, 2020 11:36:AM

    Ministry of Ayush constituted a committee to examine Coronil, a medicine claimed by Baba as a sure cure of Corona. Uttarakhand government has also said that approval obtained for the medicine was only to boost immunity, no claim was for the Corona. Sources say, no one can imagine that Baba product will be challenged and the government will stop even publicity of medicine, considering his proximity with BJP and topmost leaders of group governing. Sources say this is not at random but probably a thought full action on the part of the government, a government laboratory at Pune has already crossed two-stage of vaccine testing and final human check to start soon. The government thinks and very hopeful that by next month it will be cleared by authorities and if everything goes well, PM in his 15th August speech from Lalquila likely to announce the medicine of Corona. This will enhance the prestige of the country as well as leadership and researchers globally. Sources add that in 2.0 of the government the graph of Baba is continuously going down because the businessman's face of Baba has come out more vigorously than of preacher. Baba developed good relations with staunch opponents of the ruling party for the business, sources say this has not been taken by the ruling party in the good stream. Sources say this is likely one of the reasons also to not approve without thorough examination despite claim?


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