• Monday, 29 June, 2020 11:36:AM

     Recently Bangladesh and China have come very close. Changes in the policy of export and import with reduced tariffs are resulting in improved business between the two countries. Sources say India is keeping a close eye on these developments. The rejection or no comment on offer for Corona treatment and red carpet treatment to Chinese delegation and to ignore India's offer on the same subject. China has already taken Pakistan in its pocket and also changed the mind of the Nepali government with a soft loan and promise to construct and rebuild infrastructure. Sources say in the name of construction Chinese has already captured good area. Sources say the policy of China is first to offer hefty soft loan to the country, offer for manpower to rebuild or create industries and when a country fails to return the loan or delays, China asks for alternates and sources say generally takes over land and facilities of the countries due to terms and conditions as already framed in the agreement. Probably the same has happened with Sri Lanka. Sources say all the neighborhoods of India are on target of China. From all the side China is trying to cordon off the country to have supremacy in the area. Sources add this is to become super economical power of the globe. 


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