• Monday, 06 July, 2020 10:53:AM

    Even after more than 70 years of independence, the houses are not getting safe water to drink directly from the tap. PM in his speech on 15th August 2019 launched a massive scheme costing more than three lakh crore rupees to provide at least 55-liter water to every house. Sources say work started to implement the scheme. Every tank is being provided with an apparatus to monitor the quality of water coming down for distribution, sources say this is directly connected to the national grid to monitor quality round the clock. This mega scheme has already covered crores of houses but, sources say due to corona affect the speed of work is not as fast as it should be, provide safe water to another more than 13 crore houses the authorities likely to ask for more time. Probably this will be in the list of very schemes where a time extension is requested?


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