• Monday, 06 July, 2020 10:53:AM

    China after Galwan valley skirmishes never looks so considerate of Indian stands and always puts forward its theory to the world over, sources say this was only after government stands to cancel government contracts and ban on fifty-nine apps. Though the government of India was in constant touch with almost all friendly countries on Chinese issues but could not make the required effect on the Chinese leadership to understand the viewpoint. The financial impact will not be much, sources say but this will be path-breaking action to follow by others resulting measure loss in the future. Defence deal with France and Russia to expedite supply also effected and supporting signals from these countries also helped to corner China. India, so far not supported Hongkong issue nor ever spoken in favor of Tibbatiyon and Uyghurs of China but recently spoken in favor of these. Sources say all these actions on the diplomatic front and visit Leh by PM has given very strong signals to China which has resulted in immediate response in a form of statement intimating that out of fourteen international border problems, they have already resolved twelve.


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