• Monday, 27 July, 2020 01:48:AM

    The political scenario of Rajasthan is very dicey after a revolt by a group of pilots. Sources say, in this political drama the major beneficiary would be BJP but sources say, seems the national Vice President of the party is not happy with the move of Pilot during this crucial Covid-19 period. Sources also say that silently. Scindia is supporting CM, this has transpired due to not going back to the last decision by  Gahlot. Mrs. Scindia during her tenure as Chief Minister removed the chapter from the book where it was written that the Gwalior family supported English people during a battle with Rani ki Jhansi. Gahlot has not so far got this chapter added in the book nor has tried the removed chapter on important personalities of BJP and RSS included during the tenure of Mrs. Scindia. Sources say the silent support if any is going to help CM to come out from uncertainty created by Pilot?


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