• Monday, 27 July, 2020 01:48:AM

    CM of Rajasthan is trying to prove his majority on the floor but the litigations likely to delay or give a verdict in favor of anyone. Congress party with 101 MLAs and with 6 MLAs of BSP is ruling. After revolt 19 MLAs are out, BSP Supremo is also trying to get her 6 members disqualified, if all this happens and the law does not permit to disqualify the group of Pilot, the government will come in minority. Even with the support of BSP members, the magic figure will not be achieved. Sources say the government likely to survive on the support of Independent MLAs but BJP is well placed in getting support than Congress, in this circumstance the continuance of present government for long is the big question. Sources say, till name to lead the government is finalized in BJP, continuance is assured because PM, sources say wants to see Om Mathur in a place whereas Shekhawat is having the support of Shah?


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