• Monday, 14 September, 2020 10:45:AM

    The relations between Nitish Kumar and BJP is not that cordial, the undercurrent is flowing rapidly and in spite of decelerations by BJP that Bihar elections will be fought under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, Sources say, Junior Paswan has already decided to put candidates of his party against JD(U), though will avoid putting candidates against BJP. Sources say, if this happens, the possibility of winning of JD(U) candidates will diminish, this is in full knowledge of BJP. The Party of Nitish Kumar and Paswan is the part of NDA but putting candidates, probably secretly supported by BJP, to ensure less winning candidates of JD(U). This is likely to go long way and become an obstacle in getting the CM position to Nitish Kumar. Sources say knowing well this equation Nitish has taken the support of Manjhi but the popularity of Manjhi in comparison to Senior Paswan is less and this is likely to go in favor of BJP to select a new candidate for the CM position or to bargain from solid ground?


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