• Monday, 28 September, 2020 12:18:AM

     In the recently concluded Monsoon session, the government seems not ready to part with data. In reply to 11 questions relating to data, the government says they are not having any data. The Labour Ministry says that no data is available on the death of migrant laborers while going back to their hometown, similarly, the government fails to provide several workers in the unorganized sector and says there is no proposal even to collect such data in the future. The government also denied having any data of deceased health workers, Doctors, Policemen, and Safai karmchari lost their lives due to Corona. Surprisingly the government denied having any details of political prisoners in Jails and also of Plazma bank in the country. Sources say in this era where everything is decided based on collected data and policies are framed keeping in view the database, non-availability of data on such important subjects looks that either government is not interested to create a database or trying to hide data coming out to hide their failures if any. Sources say the Railway ministry has provided figures of the death of migrant laborers during the journey in reply to RTI. 


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