• Monday, 28 September, 2020 12:18:AM

     All political parties failed to follow the principle of Gandhi Ji by which he got independence to the country. Sources say though all political parties claim to adhere to the policies ground realities are different. Sources say approximately 74% population of the country stays in villages and is farmers of laborers. Farmers are credited for the third green revolution otherwise before this the countrymen were forced to consume imported wheat, meant for animals there. Sources say Farmers are agitating from along to get their legitimatize demand fulfilled like compensations for losses due to flood, drought, attack of Locust, etc. till the day no government has come true to their promises and agreed for permanent solutions other than the grant of some immediate relief. The long-ignored Farmers are now on street against three recently passed bills. Farmers of Punjab are more agitated and affected due to these rules. Probably imagining the effect politically one senior minister of the government has resigned. Akali Dal is also a major player in Punjab politics and wants to grab the situation and earn sympathy from Farmers. Moreover the loss of popular leader Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa likely to cost Akal Dal but by approaching other important leaders they are likely to cover up and give a tough pitch to other parties during elections. Sources say all parties are trying to focus on these bills because they know that route to governance goes through farmers only?


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