• Monday, 28 September, 2020 12:18:AM

     It is now coming in minds of many that whoever taken some different stand any time than the government is being targeted, sources say. RSS, Sources say, that Hindi cinema has done tremendous service in spreading Hindi as a language in the country. Areas where regional languages are more prevalent, the Hindi cinema makes road and feels that where ever Hindi goes BJP and its ideology automatically reaches and targeting Hindi actor and actresses not being taken well by many in the society and slight different opinions in non-Hindi areas where the cinema has made inroads, prospects likely to get affected. Sources add that intervention of one actress in the matter and projecting the entire matter in pro and the anti-country has also divided the film world. The person's matter wants that the impression going in general of witch-hunt should be stopped through person’s responsible for illegal activities should be booked but with all care to maintain the image of all?


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