• Monday, 05 October, 2020 12:31:AM

    One time very strong like Bhupendra Yadav as General Secretary, Ram Madhav failed to get him in the new time.  Anil Jain, Rao, and Saroj Pandey also failed to catch the bus. The change is not being taken by the party lightly. Sources say Some complaints were brought to the notice of nepotism and lack of persuasion to Khattar government of better performance probably cost the position to  Anil Jain despite strong backing of Ramlal and close relations with Krishn Gopal, sources say. Likewise poor performance of the BJP unit in Tamilnadu and also not very effective monitoring of movement of the party in home state Andhra Pradesh likely to be one of the reasons for the removal of Murlidhar Rao as GS of BJP. Saudan Singh was standing like a rock at the back of Ms. Saroj Pandey and during the days of  Saudan Singh, Pandey enjoyed maximum power in the party but as the importance of Saudan Singh took a dip in the party, sources say, Ms Saroj Pandey also started losing her grip on party leaders and ultimately lost her position as GS in the new team. Ram Madhav considered to be very strong in the party with the strong backing of RSS, was enjoying complete power and one time was party voice on NE and J&K, not included by Nadda in his team, a strange move for many, sources say. It will be interesting to see the work of the new team during the forthcoming elections.


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