• Monday, 12 October, 2020 11:10:AM

    Nitish Kumar for the first time has slipped from the position of big brother and contesting on only 115 seats because JD(U) has left 7 seats for Hindustan Awam Morcha of total 122 seats whereas BJP is contesting on 121 seats. The party of  Mukesh Sahani is contesting on 11seats but BJP symbol only. Bhupendra Yadav is playing very intelligently and taking the help of  Chirag Paswan, son of Late Ramvilas Paswan to control the CM because during the last RS election Nitish Kumar was not in favor of granting seat to Late Ram Vilas Paswan. Chirag as expected has already announced that he will not contest the elections under the leadership of Kumar and field candidates against JD(U)but not against BJP candidates. Sources say this is planned to form the next government by BJP with LJP because there is every probability JD(U) not likely to get seats more than BJP due to divisions of votes. Sources say, Chirag is presenting himself as CM candidates but later he is likely to get adjusted as a minister in the central government. Before this also to weaken RJD and divide the RJD party, sources say Yadav has convinced Ms Annapurni Devi of RJD to join BJP just before parliamentary elections and now she has been elevated to Vice President of the party. This is likely to affect % of votes of Yadav’s, considered to be solidly behind RJD. By weakening RJD and JD(U), the prospects of increased seats of BJP will improve and so the first task of Yadav to replace Kumar will be achieved and Rai to take over as new CM?


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