• Monday, 12 October, 2020 11:10:AM

    Strong rumors taking round that a secret deal has taken place between BJP- SANGH and LJP. This is evident by the joking of LJP by one of the most loyal RSS worker, Rajender Singh. Sources say he is considered a key player in establishing BJP in Jharkhand and his joining the LJP is definitely with the blessings of RSS only with a focused target, probably to frame a strategy to dislodge present CM of Bihar and form the government by BJP with support of LJP. Rajender Sigh contested the assembly election from Dimapur on the BJP symbol but lost to JD(U). He was considered a CM candidate in BJP. Sources add that joining of Rajender Singh to LJP is seen as RSS blessings are with Chirag Paswan. Chirag had talked six times to the Chief of BJP and two times with Amit Shah. Rumors are also taking round that if BJP comes with maximum seats the MP from Ujiarpur constituency Nityanand Rai, Yadav by the cast, likely to replace the present CM. Rai is having very good relations with the Paswan family. Rai remained MLA four times from Hazipur constituency. Paswan was considered very strong in this constituency. Late Ram Vilas Paswan won from the seat by record margins in 1977 in parliamentary elections. In 2019 Late Ram Vilas Paswan allowed his brother to contest from the seat and himself preferred to go in Rajya Sabha. 


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