• Monday, 12 October, 2020 11:10:AM

     After much bickering,  Dharmendra Yadav has been relived from Bihar responsibility and the blue-eyed boy of the highest authority in the party has been given responsibility. Sources say, with great fanfare, he along with his most loyal friend and ex-minister in his government took a charted flight for Ranchi to offer Puja to Chinnmastak Mata mandir situated seventy km away at Rajappa. Unfortunately, kapat was closed and he had to proceed to Ashram of Boria Baba to have blessings. Sources say a secret puja was also performed by ex-CM of Maharashtra, Baba also blessed him to get the chair of CM back of Maharashtra very soon and also said that one day he will be PM of the country. Boria Baba is very popular amongst politicians and a large number of political leaders are regularly visiting his Ashram for blessings. Madan Yeravar, MLA from Yawatmal is a known disciple of Baba and Baba is having Ashrams at many places including Ayodhya. Sources add after having blessings Fadnavis is no more interested in the Bihar issue but his aim has changed for a much more important task?


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