• Monday, 12 October, 2020 11:10:AM

     Despite stringent measures, the cases of rape sare reported an increase. As per the NCRB one rape is reported after every fifteen minutes. Sources say this data is only of reported cases, there are likely many more cases that are not reported. All social activists are puzzled about the increase and failure of machinery to curb. During the Nirbhaya case, the agitation has brought a sea change in the law and generally, it was felt that cases will drop but in reality, nothing good happened even it took around 8 yrs to punish the culprits. This is likely because our system is like this but nothing is being done by society other than to blame law and order machinery and government for failure without looking inside the reasons to have a button like a system to push for the safety of ladies. Sources say this is the prime time to look into ourselves to stop such incidents. The mindset needs to be changed and equal share in all to be allowed to girls in the family because they are also holding similar share as per rule. The boys are to be taught to respect women, though it’s a long way to go at some point initiation is to be taken. The change in mindset and awareness in society is probably one way to control the heinous crime to save the girl child. 


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