• Monday, 19 October, 2020 12:28:PM

    All political pandits are perturbed with the knowledge that BJP supports LJP against JD(U) despite that both are part of NDA. Sources say, the move to cut to Nitish to size by some leaders at the center has gone in wane, it seems that BJP strategicians has changed their strategy and instead of extending support to Chirag, who has lost the percentage of votes of his party continuously after 2005. Sources say in 2005, the party bagged 12.6 % votes and grabbed 26 seats. When re-election in October 2005 took place LGP bagged only 11.1% votes and only 10 seats. The downward trend continued and in 2010 secured only 6.7 % and in 2015 only 4.8%, though in 2019 improved to 8 %, sources say survey prediction is of 8.5% in this state election, a little .5% improvement from 2019 elections but not likely to cross single-digit figure in terms of seats. Sources say in Bihar approximately 16 % of voters are of Dalits but divided into 22 casts. The 4.5% voters of Paswas cast are only committed to LJP. Still, pandits are amused by earlier decisions of the party but satisfied with the change in strategy?


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