• Monday, 19 October, 2020 12:28:PM

     One time blue-eyed CM and considered the most powerful state chief minister is facing challenges in his home state. Yogi, though not having very good relations with number two in the BJP but was doing all as per his wishes. The Deputy Chief Minister in his cabinet also tried from the beginning to push him aside by playing backward cards. Yogi with his forceful approach and dashing nature pushed all the challenges by side but in the Hathras case, blame to support only one cast and lose control over the bureaucracy, sources say is creating a problem for him and rumors started taking rounds of his replacement. Sources say, the Deputy CM, though officially on quarantine at Delhi but we're trying to strengthen his claim for CM position by meeting top brass of BJP and RSS. Yogi, sources say has approached the top leadership to get rid of his challenger from the cabinet and on the question of backward vote confidently put forward My Maurya as an alternative. The state election is approaching fast and something serious to be implemented to keep voters intact?


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