• Monday, 19 October, 2020 12:28:PM

     Bihar likely to become tough for BJP and NDA, Sources say. PM as usual star campaigner o party will again take responsibility to bring back his alliance to power, sources say. Stratjgicians planned to have 12 rallies of PM. In the first round, 3 rallies are planned along with more than 4 lakhs smartphone warriors to play speech of PM in the state. Sources say BJP is taking this election seriously that’s why before the announcement of dates PM and CM in virtual meetings announced many programs. PM considering the importance, during Ram janm bhumi pujna given slogan of Jai Siyaram instead of Jai Sri Ram. Sources say this is likely to with in mind that Maa Sita was from Bihar and this slogan likely to touch emotionally voters of Bihar. Probably to woo the voters of Bihar the Golwalna fight was highlighted and praise of the soldiers in addition to normal course was done. Sources say out of 20 soldiers who lost their lives fighting gallantly were from Bihar. Approval of AIIMS at Darbhanga, the green signal for Kameshwar Chaupal in Bihar likely to step keeping in view the elections, sources say?


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