• Monday, 26 October, 2020 12:08:PM

     It is very common to hear absurd and illogical remarks inside and outside of Parliament by some or other politicians. In our society, these politicians are considered law makers but they never hesitated in making indecent remarks in public against women in general. By-elections are to take place in Madhya Pradesh, Sources say during one rally the ex-chief minister uttered bad language against one senior lady politician. CM went on dharna against the remark.Sources say this is not for the first time, leaders like,  Mulayam Singh, Azam Khan, his son,  Digvijay Singh, Swamy,  Sakshi, Sharad Yadav and on occasion when during the speech, Mrs. Renuka’s laugh has received comments by PM, which remained in circulation for long. Sources add, it is common to utter bad words by leaders during campaign for their counterparts but it is also seen that on some occasions also remarks come to light. These leaders are left with some criticism so probably gives them the courage to utter words again?


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