• Monday, 26 October, 2020 12:08:PM

    Bihar state is for elections now in few days. All parties are making lots of promises,  Tejaswi promised to provide 10 lakh jobs to the youth of Bihar if come to power. BJP has promised to provide jobs to19 lakh youths of the state. Sources say in one of the leaked video, Sushil Modi says that for 10 lakh jobs government will have to spend approximately one lakh crore. The total budget of the state is approximately two lakh crore plus and it is not understood by watchers how this amount will be spent on salary head by Tejaswi when he comes to power. Sources say, moreover now BJP promised to make available 19 lakh new jobs, the Deputy CM of the government and leader of BJP himself said in a video that it is not possible to provide 10 lakh new jobs as promised by Mahagathbandhan due to budget constraints, then how BJP promised to provide 19 lakh jobs. Is it not an illusion?


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