• Monday, 26 October, 2020 12:08:PM

    The election campaign is in full swing in Bihar. Leaders are making tall promises, which may or may not come on the ground. Some important central leaders are yet to visit their constituency to support the party candidate for Vidhan Sabha. Giriraj ji one amongst them, very easy to talk and criticize others by sitting in the drawing-room or TV show but when reality comes, sources say, many leaders simply try to move away sightings one or other reasons just not to face the voters. Slogan shouting in favor of Lalu ji in meeting addressed by CM, if is an indication of result then situation is not totally in favor of NDA, sources say. Stopping of R K Singh's car by the mob while canvassing, the opposition of candidate put by one Central minister and strong reaction of putting up Ms. Manju Singh as a candidate by rejecting all opposition by CM, now affecting prospects of all nearby seats, sources say. Though tall promises are being committed every one knows that this election is being fought not on the Vikash agenda but the face of PM from the BJP side and on the failure of governance by the present government?


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