• Monday, 02 November, 2020 12:25:AM

    Ex-Minister in previous government but left party along with Maharajah is again contesting the election. Recent comments on Madam Imarti Devi by ex-CM invoked sharp reactions from BJP but the area from where she is contesting not responded so sharply, sources say. She has been nominated by BJP ignoring the claim of dedicated workers of BJP of that area but despite the claim that the party is disciplined, dedicated BJP workers are not coming out for canvassing, this has forced her to look towards her old followers for support. Sources say ex MLA's are seen on the dais to support her. The bye-election has become a question of a reputation for both the parties. BJP if fails to muster required seats, the continuance of the Shivraj Ji government likely to be get affected and so the reputation of Maharajah. Ex-CM, Kamal Nath is also trying hard to take revenge for losing power and leaving no stone unturned to regain power.?


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