• Monday, 02 November, 2020 12:25:AM

    For the last many years the public is struggling for fresh air in Delhi. Odd-even arrangements were introduced but these all-time being arrangements were only Adhoc steps to curb but all failed to introduce some permanent solutions. This time considering Corona pandemic more dangerous in polluting environment, sources say, central government came to action, and a Commission for Air Quality Management has been constituted with one Chairman and more than 15 members to monitor the air quality of the area and take/ suggest suitable measures to improve the quality. Bhure Lal and Ms. Sunita Narayan are in the Commission. Sources say it is not confirmed when the cabinet decided to bring the ordinance. in the past, all cabinet meetings were properly notified and media briefed on the outcome but due to pandemic, the convening of physical meetings stopped and decisions were taken in virtual cabinet meetings. Sources say, that the media has not been given any hint or briefed about this decision? 


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