• Monday, 02 November, 2020 12:26:AM

    Agitation throughout the country by Kisans against the bill got passed by both the houses and signature of President in the very short notice has added the doubts in the mind of the public in general and Farmers in particular that there is something fishy in it and this is only to support some big houses making the future of Kisans dark. Sources say, agitations are going on especially in Haryana and Punjab to take back this act but seems the government is deaf on it. Trains are being stopped, roads are blocked, many intellectuals including artists are in the field against the act but Lalas of Punjab are keeping very calculative silence. The BJP workers are going door to door in Punjab to convince the Jamidaars that the act is for benefit of Kisans. Sources say it is also not understood by the common people that what was the compulsion for the government during this pandemic to bring this act in haste. All the activities are down, unemployment has gone up beyond limits, the agitations have created a miserable situation in the country, why this is not avoided for a certain period. Some are very sure that the central government is working under certain pressure on the subject. Sources say that it is a saying that when Kisans are on-street agitating against the system and government not to heed their grievances there is a very bleak future for the country. Some prominent organizations have already gone on record suggesting Kisans to stop yielding for at least one year presuming that this is likely to change the mind of rulers. Shiromani Akali Dal, a very strong political party of Punjab, very close ally in NDA of BJP is also disturbed with the step. The representative of the party in government Ms Harsimrat Kaur already resigned from cabinet in protest of the introduction of the bill saying that when the head of government does not understand the misery of Kisan, she does not want to be part of the decision. Opposition parties say this action is nothing but a melodrama and later they will be one. Sources say the Chief of Akali Dal to be shown with the Kisans also resigned from the NDA. BJP, Sources say never bothered about sentiments of other parties in NDA including of Akali Dal, and going out from NDA has not bothered the ruling clan. Akali Dal will have to work hard to rebuild its image parallel to BJP now?


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