• Monday, 09 November, 2020 10:46:AM

    Ram Madhav, a one-time blue-eyed boy of government and most important person on Kashmir issue is trying hard to get the nomination for the vacant seat of Ashok Gasti, unfortunately, died due to Corona. The election is scheduled for December, sources say, he claims that he is having very good relations with Mrs. Kamla Harris, and after joining office her closeness likely to help the country in the long run. Sources say, people say, Krishna Swamy father of Jai Shankar is well known in international diplomacy, his brother  Sanjay is also a very renowned historian and Jai Shankar is of the view that international diplomacy goes by the system, not by individuals, so the stands is not having very serious claims. In support of the idea of the system people also say that, when in 2019,  JaiShankar refused to meet Mrs. Pramila Joypaul, it was only Mrs. Kamala, who raised lots of hues and cry later during scrap of 370 also she always opposed, sources say that time also Ram Madhav was close to her then why he failed to change the approach of lady leader?


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