• Monday, 16 November, 2020 10:54:AM

     It is seen sometimes that though two leaders are politically opposed to each other in personal life they are very close. Sources say in the case of Chirag and Tejaswi this is very true, they are close friends which started from the cricket ground.  Tejaswi always pays the regards and respect of an elder brother to Chirag. This was publically seen in the marriage of elder brother of Tejaswi, when people asked, sources say about the marriage of  Tejaswi, the reply was very clear and concise that only after the marriage of elder brother Chirag, this was again seen in the exchange of birthday greetings. Sources say, Chirag also allowed one Rajput candidate to contest against Tejaswi at Radhopura. This was just to divide the upper cast votes of BJP to enable RJD to win the seat easily. Sources say, in present circumstances, it will be interesting to see how the friendship continue further?


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