• Monday, 23 November, 2020 12:43:AM

     It is in the political gallery of Bihar that Shushil Modi is more loyal to Nitish Kumar than his party. Sources say after the celebration of Bihar Vijay at BJP headquarters, PM again discussed with Nitish Kumar regarding the formation of Cabinet. It is said that Modi said that Shushil Modi is probably slaughter for the central cabinet so if possible  Kumar to select between Nityanand, Giriraj Kishore, and R K Singh as Deputy CM. Sources say sensing the future problems in day to execution, Kumar replied that BJP to claim for CM with these leaders, why to go for Deputy CM, the message was very clear from Kumar that he is not in favor for any senior leader as Deputy CM. Sources say, PM said, BJP in present circumstances only desire to finalize a name for Deputy CM and considering the same cast of  Shushil Modi, Tarkishore got the chance of Deputy CM and Madam Renuka Ji being lady leader and of the same area of BJP state President was selected for another Deputy CM position Sources say, presently solutions managed but in long run, some drastic steps are foreseen taken by both the parties?


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