• Monday, 23 November, 2020 12:43:AM

     Nitish Kumar took oath for the 7th time as CM and Central minister. While taking oath he was very much disturbed and tense. Sources say, his tension was visible while the reading first page of oath moved to sign on the register and only on pointing by Governor came back to take the oath of secrecy. Sources say such mistakes generally committed by first-timer, this was not expected from a person of his stature. Moreover, he was not seen talking to HM, who was sitting at a gap of one chair. After the oath ceremony, Shah left the place without Nitish Kumar, later on, realized by Nitish Kumar and he rushed to catch him but it was too late Shah not turned back to see him. Sources say that absence of mind during the oath-taking ceremony and to avoid the HM has not been taken in good spirit by party? 


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