• Monday, 23 November, 2020 12:43:AM

     All the parties started a campaign in Bihar elections with agenda of development and committed several times that they will contest elections on development but later it turned into a campaign based on the cast. Sources say, 52% Brahmans voted for NDA, whereas only 15% voted for Mahagathbandhan, the party of Mr Chirag Paswan also claimed 7% Brahmans vote. The Dabangg 51% Bhumihar supported NDA, 19% to Mahagathbandhan, and 3% TO LJP. 55% Rajputs supported NDA, 9% to Mahagathbandhan, and 11% to LJP. The other Agadi cast voted 59% in favor of NDA and only 16% supported Mahagathbandhan. Sources say going by the data it is clear that the majority votes were in favor of NDA. 83% of Yadav's favored Mahagathbandhan and only 5% voted for NDA. 81% Kurmi and 51% Koiri voted for NDA.76% Muslim votes gone in favor of Mahagathbandhan and 11 % in favor of Grand Secular Front. 58% of Pichadi votes also gone in favor of NDA. 34% Ravidas went in favor of Mahagathbandhan and 27 % in favor of NDA. Sources say 65% of Mushahars gone in favor of NDA and only 24% remained with Mahagathbandhan. Dhushads and Paswans block 32% voted for LJP only 17% gone in favor of NDA,22% voted for Mahagathbandhan. Sources say the figures show that while casting their votes, only cast matters and claim of development and other pressing points not came in the mind of voters?


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